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by  |  12-Oct-2017 02:18

Historically, dating has always had its challenges. ) But in the age of Tinder and Bumble, it’s arguably more challenging than ever—particularly if you’ve been logging serious smartphone time.

And the more your nourish your relationships to friends, work, and community, the better you’ll be at keeping online dating from driving you nuts.

Trying to find that certain someone who likes green juice, hot yoga, travel, is gluten-free, dairy-neutral, and has freakishly smooth skin? A wonderful aspect of real intimacy is being different and working to understand and respect our differences.

To start, you must rid your mind of (or at least become aware of) the perception biases you currently have about men.

According to Bob Grant, “A perception bias is where you see something based on your own way of thinking, and you then impose that belief onto other people or situations.” Common perception biases many women have about men are: Let’s face it. There ARE men who focus solely on the sexual aspect of relationships.

Below you’ll find 11 traits you should work on developing if you want to get a guy to notice you and keep him interested for the long haul.

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