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Collecting of wild mushrooms in the forest is one of my favourite I don't know how to start to tell you about me, but I'll try: )) I live in Ukraine, my name is Olga.Ten things you should know before asking Polish woman for a date Polish women like if you ask them for a date. According to a survey conducted in Poland among Polish singles, only 3 percent of Polish women prefer to ask man for a date, while the remaining 97 percent like it traditional way.

If she works, she needs time to have rest and time for vacation.

Polish woman is a treasure that has to be treated properly: with gentle attitude and love.

You need to have a sense of humor if you're serious about dating Polish woman.

She will test you on a first date and if sense of humor is not one of your qualities, your second date is a big question mark.

I like when relations are started because of love and feelings, but not because of money and status. To sum up, let us count main features of typical Polish woman.

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