Security clearance dating foreigners reporting requirements

by  |  06-Jul-2017 20:02

Sometimes a shorter review period will be stipulated, for example where there are concerns about a candidate’s maturity or conduct.

If a clearance holder's personal circumstances change then those changes may affect his or her continued suitability to hold a security clearance.

Some national security information is subject to endorsements limiting access to New Zealand or other specified nationalities.

A candidate's employer or sponsoring agency is required to verify citizenship and/or immigration status before initiating a vetting request.

For more information refer to As allegiance to New Zealand is the primary consideration when assessing suitability for access to information regarding national security, it follows that being a New Zealand citizenship or a holder of a Residence Class visa is a condition of eligibility for national security clearances.

New Zealand citizenship is a requirement for employment for certain roles as some organisations are subject to externally-imposed rules about the nationality of staff accessing certain material.

Candidates who have lived outside New Zealand for more than 6 months may be required to obtain credit and criminal records checks from the country or countries they have been resident in.

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